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Golf is number ONE
FAZ Crossword Puzzle

Golf is the number ONE
Golf, this sport is fantastic
On a nice day in summer 1988 my friend, Dr. Wolfram Kroner, took me to a meadow out of our town. He showed me how to hit small white balls with long sticks made of iron. That was the beginning of my golf life...
FREE Golf Training
If you want to improve your bunker shots or trouble shots please visit this page... Training (6e2)
3 Wood versus the Driver
If you want to know what a Tour-Professional recommends using a 3-wood or a driver please visit this page... Driver (6e3)

Golf courses of NAPLES, Florida

A special hint: During summertime you`ll have the opportunity to take advantage of lower golf rates while experiencing some of the finer courses which are closed to the public during season (November 1st thru April 30th). It may be hot out there but it's worth to play a course that is only privileged to a select few. Be careful in the summer and remember to wear your sun block (spf 15 or higher). Have fun in the sun! 
If you want to see the Top Ten golf courses of Naples or if you want to have an overview about all golf courses in alphabetic order, click on my site. But be a little bit patient. It'll take a couple of seconds to load the site... Top Ten Golf Courses (6x4)
Our Hobby for the whole family: NAPLES/Florida
NAPLES and much more
If you want to know the activties in and around Naples please visit our page... Naples (6e5)

FAZ Crossword Puzzle

A special hobby of Brigitte Peters is to solve that Crossword Puzzle of the Friday edition of the FAZ. Click HERE to look at the solution from last Friday.


GLAUCOMA is a vision-threatening disorder characterized by slow loss of optic nerve fibers, and it is also characterized by an excess of fluid within the eyeball, causing increased pressure on the retina and impairment of vision ranging from slight abnormalities to BLINDNESS if you don't treatments by proper drugs. Susceptibility to this disease depends on a variety of factors including the level of pressure in the eye, a genetic tendency and older age. Furtunately this disorder was found early so that I will keep my 100% vision by taking eye drops two times a day. This illness is dangerous because there is not a bit of pain. With these website hints I will serve two of hundred people to recognize this dangerous hidden disorder. 

If you want to have an Overview about GLAUCOMA, visit our special site... WebSite about GLAUCOMA (6e1)

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