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If you want to know what interesting and valuable information you can expect on the following sites - what advantages and gain you will have - you should absolutely read on.
Hint: Each underlined text is a LINK. That means: A mouse click on it will get you an other site. A click on button BACK (left top corner) will bring you back to this page.
Here are the highlights:

Many important information about Naples, THE CAPITAL OF GOLF, a beautiful location in Southwest Florida, endless beaches, always warm climate, much sun, and a lot of golf facilities you cannot imagine. If you want to rent a condo or a house in Naples, Florida, please send us an Click on me... email. We know a lot of people - you'll get a home for less. There is no better place on earth having vacation than in Naples.

If you want an excellent information about Naples' golf courses, about Green Fees, about the TOP TEN RANKING? Give them a try and click: All Golf Courses! But be patient - loading text of more then 60 courses needs some seconds.

Or before you go to Naples improve your golfing by reading one or two golf lessons created by a Golf Professional!

Or join our site with golf jokes and have fun. We try to present a new joke every month.

Apply in the U.S.A. for a service which gives you your own fax number for FREE, which automatically forwards all arriving faxes to your email address. All your friends having only a fax are now able to get in touch with you world-wide by a FREE fax number! On our link site you'll find this service of www.eFAX.com and other good links.

The family tree of Juergen Peters goes back to the early 1800. The family tree of Brigitte Peters is a sensation. It goes back to the early 1600!

A special hobby of Brigitte Peters is to solve that Crossword Puzzle of the Friday edition of the FAZ. Click HERE to look at the solution from last Friday.

Only a click and you can send a FREE messages to any AIRTOUCH pager in the U.S.A.!

The space on this site is unfortunately limited. Look for example at Links and other sites and you'll find a lot of services offering space for FREE in the Internet. All of the following sites are of the same structure: On the left side you'll find the Table of Contents with the appropriate Links and on the right side: Head Line, Summary and Actual Information. To make printouts we recommend to do it in landscape format.

Finally: If you find some LINKS going in to "no-man's-land" or you see any kind of error we would appreciate to get a short message by Click on me... email from you. Thank you in advance! We tried to write in plain English for convenient reading. 

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