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New stuff on my Web Site
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What's new?

New stuff on my Web Site

Walldorf, January 2002

A worldbeater became a special hobby of Brigitte Peters. Every Friday she tries to solve the Crossword Puzzle of the FAZ, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung of Germany. Click HERE to look at the solution from last Friday.

Walldorf, July 28th, 2001

A new Web Site of mine is ONLINE. The new internet addresse: Link... provide you an overview about all my web sites I created until now. And by the way: JUERLE was my nick name when I was a little boy. Have a look at it. You'll find amazing sites.
P.S.: Say YR-LE (LE like the french newspaper LE MONDE) From the above outlined link you can also go to Link... and you'll discover a special paradise.

Walldorf, March 1st, 2000
Version 02 of my web site is now ONLINE. All information regarding my business and job have their own website.
Click on:  Link...
Second, Juergen Peters' family tree got an update:  Family Tree of Juergen
The sites of Naples' golf courses are almost perfect. The courses of Bonita Springs and Marco Island are now included:  Golf in Naples
More and more our LINK site will become a bonanza. I divided the sites in two languages: English and German:  American Links
Last but not least: The same procedure as every month: You'll find a new joke!  Jokes for Golfer and No-Golfer
Naples, November 20th, 1999
The version number 01 of my Web Site is on the Web! It took a long time to find the proper server for the pages: it was MAILBANK (it's now And I spend a lot of time to find an easy tool for up- and downloading: it was CuteFTP (it's now Windows Commander). Make a rally thru all pages and don't forget: PLEASE, ENTER YOUR COMMENTS IN THE GUEST BOOK!
Naples, July 4th, 1999
The version number 01 of my Web Site is making a slow progress. But it´s fun being creative. Am I creative anyway? By watching 20 or 30 Home Pages and other guys saying what´s good or nice you finally copy. But the most important thing is to be yourself at the end. YOU have to like the Web Site.

News about the Family


Walldorf, April 26, 2003

On April 26, 2003, Brigitte's mother, Mrs. Maria Mathilde Becker, has passed away. It is always a difficult time of saying good bye to a loved one.

China, September 15-30, 2002

It was one of our best decisions we did in the past. We booked a trip by ship on the JANGTZE river. We enjoyed 1500 miles on the YELLOW CRANE and saw the unspoiled Three Big Gorges, even the undamaged Three Small Gorges! It was great! Click HERE to read my journal (in German language). To save online time please store the journal on your harddisk and read it offline:
   (1) Click HERE to see the first page of the journal.
   (2) Click on your browser button FILE (top left).
   (3) Click on STORE UNDER...
   (4) Click on button DESKTOP (left side).
   (5) Click on button STORE (right side).
   (6) Quit being online.
   (7) Go to your DESKTOP.
   (8) Click on CHINA 2002 and read my journal offline.

Walldorf, February 16th and 17th, 2002

Waltraud Koban,
our friend celebrated her 50th Birthday.
CLICK on picture to enlarge. Later CLOSE (x) large picture. We celebrated the 50th Birthday of our friend WALTRAUD KOBAN at the Tennis Club Restaurant in Walldorf, Germany. It was a big party - I think over 30 guests attended the dilicious buffet. We enjoyed it very much - thank you dear WALTRAUD!

New Orleans, November 3, 2001

Jackson Square with St. Louis Cathedral.
CLICK on picture to enlarge. Later CLOSE (x) large picture. If you visit the French Quarter you feel like you've entered another dimension. We strolled through the streets: Bourbon and Royal and we felt the past. We rode by a carriage through downtown and returned to the center of the French Quarter, the Jackson Square with its jewels, St. Louis Cathedral (see picture). Jackson Square itself is surrounded by furtune tellers, portait artists, street performers, and entertainment buggy drivers. Next morning we drove back 800 miles to Naples in 12 hours. We were happy that we had the opportunity to visit all these wonderful cities.

White Castle, November 2, 2001

The South's largest plantation home: NOTTOWAY.
CLICK on picture to enlarge. Later CLOSE (x) large picture. We left the Interstate 10 at Baton Rouge and took Hwy 1 South. Looking for Plantation Homes we didn't find any. But we asked a friendly police officer and he led us to the South's largest plantation home. In the late afternoon we visited NOTTOWAY PLANTATION in White Castle, Louisiana (see picture). It was completed in 1859. It's 64 rooms are a beautiful blend of Greek Revival and Italianate. With 22 enormous columns, NOTTOWAY is magnificently restored and open to the public. We rejected an overnight accommodation, because the old beds were not so comfortable. Late at night we reached New Orleans.

San Antonio, November 1, 2001

The attraction of San Antonio: THE RIVERWALK.
CLICK on picture to enlarge. Later CLOSE (x) large picture. After visiting NEW BRAUNFELS with its many historic houses with German names, we reached at San Antonio in the early afternoon. We made a wonderful tour by boat through the tiny canals and rivers of that beautiful town. We enjoyed the attraction of San Antonio: THE RIVERWALK. At JOE'S fishhouse we had dinner. The fish was delicious.

New Braunfels, November 1, 2001

On I-10 we saw a traffic sign to NEW BRAUNSFELS! We made a turn and followed that sign. NEW BRAUNFELS was prepared for the 41st WURSTFEST, which will begin tomorrow. You may see hundreds of people dressed in lederhosen, tyrolean hats, and other Bavarian attire. One-third of the city's residents are fourth to sixth generation German descendants. When Prince Carl of Solms-Braunsfels led a group of German settlers to Texas, he discovered the beautiful Comal and Guadalupe Rivers and believed that their clear flowing waters, the rolling green pastures and majestic cypress trees would sustain life for generations to come. He then named the area after his German hometown.
All above is worth to mention, because we are living not far from Braunsfels in Germany and I'd played many rounds of golf on the course of Braunfels.

Houston, October 31, 2001

Saskia Andresen (left) with her girlfriend.
CLICK on picture to enlarge. Later CLOSE (x) large picture. Today at night we enjoyed strolling through the streets of KINGWOOD (Houston). We watched at the kids. They were happy knocking on doors and getting candies. It's Halloween! We enjoyed our 3-day-stay in Houston at the Andresen Family very much. Brigitte Peters is related to Beate Andresen; she is her aunt. Click on picture to enlarge. It shows Saskia Andresen (left) with her girlfriend.

Naples, October 26, 2001

Fisherboats in harbour of Apalachicola.
CLICK on picture to enlarge. Later CLOSE (x) large picture. Today, Brigitte and me, we began our trip from Naples to Houston by car. We had our first stop in Apalachicola. The name of the port comes from the Indians and means "Land of the friendly people". Apalachicola are located in the panhandle of Florida, near the most beautiful and well preserved natural resources. The pristine beaches and peaceful river make Apalachicola a wonderful area for nature lovers and is famous for some of the best seafood in the country. And that what we tested at Carolin's in the harbour. We enjoyed a big plate of excellent seafood.
Next morning, October 27, 2001, we headed to our next stop: Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana. From there we finally reached at Houston on October 28, 2001.

September 11th, 2001

With the tragic events that have occurred on this day it is extremely important to me that I express my deep sadness and sympathies to all those affected.
With respect and sadness, Juergen Peters.

Walldorf, June / July 2001

To maintain Brigitte's recovery I canceled our flights to America for this summer season. In the meantime Brigitte is doing fine. Everything is okay.

Walldorf, May 3rd, 2001

On Saturday, May 5th, I celebrated my 60th birthday in our tennis club restaurant in Walldorf. 40 guests attended this party with life music, but without Brigitte - that was sad. She was in a hospital at that time. I was very pleased, that all my relatives from Berlin came over by train or car and stayed in Walldorf for this weekend.

Naples, November 23rd, 2000
CLICK on image for full view. Later use BACK Button. We attended a great Thanksgiving party at Nuzzi's house in Naples. From left to right: Robin, Sab, Sam, Rita, and Brigitte. CLICK on image for full view.
Berlin, September 17th, 2000
We celebrated a big birthday party in Berlin: Now Renate Dumke is 50 years young! Congratulation! Her husband Werner Dumke organized the party in a perfect manner.
Texas, July 18th, 2000
A new citizen of the USA was born. Nina Andresen, * 18.07.00, 01:53h, 3798g , 51cm! Congratulation to their parents Beate and Harry.
Naples, June 14th, 2000
Our first and hopefully last car accident happened in the USA. Fortunately Brigitte and Hannelore got only minor bruises. How could it happened? A Lexus Driver ignored a stop sign and hit us on the front right side: Total Damage. A lot of people were ready to help immediately. Witnesses, Police, Fire Rescue, and Ambulance. I was impressed. Two days later we got a "new" car!
Walldorf, February 25th, 2000
It's a very important day today for our family. Our son Joerg passed the bar exam with a good result. He is now a lawyer. Congratulation, Joerg!
Glückstadt, February 8th, 2000
Today Willy Jürgensen passed away. He was 82 year old. We'll keep him in our memory as a real good man.
Potsdam, September 4th, 1999
We celebrated the wedding of Maren Bär & Ulli Paetz. Maren is the daughter of a close girlfriend of Brigitte. There was a big party at Golm near Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg.
Berlin, September 3rd, 1999
We celebrated the 50th wedding anniversery of Ruth & Heinz Volkmann. There was a big party at Renate & Werner Dumke's home in Berlin.
Naples, September 1999 til December 1999
During this time our son Joerg will be in Naples.
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